About Me

11107_903355013029617_713266839573960069_nI began studying communications when I first started school at Utah State University (and I will forever bleed Aggie blue). This young 17-year-old decided to take another route for a few years, obtaining a cosmetology license in 2009. Why hair? Because doing hair was fun and creative, but what fascinated me the most was the business side of the beauty industry.

I got accepted to BYU in 2010 and resumed my study with communications though this time with a public relations emphasis. But the idea of running and owning my own business was at the forefront of my mind, so I switched to a business major. School got put on the back-burner after getting the opportunity to work for a start-up company, Barebones Living.

Here is where my passion for communications was revived. I loved this company, an outdoor lifestyle company (which is one of my favorite industries to be in). This is where I found a love for creating a brand and building a culture around that brand. This became my education for the next two years. I had the amazing opportunity to move up from working as an entry-level marketing assistant, to managing the entire department. I knew I needed a better understanding of my field to really be able to thrive.

In 2014, I decided it was time to buckle down and get my degree. I left the company in order to finish school faster.

It was the right decision. I’ve continually strengthened my skills in Communications and Social Media. I’ve had the opportunity to write for The Universe as well as create campaigns for real businesses like Vivint Smart Home. I will graduate in 2016.

I am a Utah native and proud to live here. I have been married for six years and have one daughter, with the second daughter on the way. I have two pomeranians and plan to get involved in rescuing dogs one day. I am always playing soccer on any team that will let me play! I am a cellist and have played with a few local musicians and bands, including John Allred and Book on Tapeworm. I even worked with Mindy Gledhill as an assistant for a few months. I own a Subaru, which naturally makes me an outdoor person (right?).