Broadcast Placement: Fortsy

I sent out a press release on October 14th, the day Fortsy Kickstarter launched. We had two Utah news stations, KSL and Good4Utah, follow up and feature us in their morning shows.

Good Things Utah

When 6 Reason’s Forty’s Forts will Inflate Your Kid’s Imagination aired we saw immediate results to our campaign. We had 1,015 visitors to our website (50 percent more than the previous day) and we had a 3.15 percent e-commerce. conversion rate (compared to 2.83 percent from the previous day).

Made 4 Utah

When Made 4 Utah: Fortsy aired we didn’t see as big as a jump in visitors to our website. However, we saw a big difference in conversion that day; going from 2.18 percent to 2.97 percent.


KSL’s “Test It Tuesday” featured three days before the Kickstarter ended. While there wasn’t as big of jumps in visitors and conversions, they helped keep the momentum going in the end.


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