Gardening With Kids

Gardening With Kids published on Barebones Living blog April 2, 2013.


When some of us think of gardening, it can seem overwhelming. I am going to be planting my own garden this year, and believe me when I say that I am nervous! I think the older we get, the more we worry and over-analyze. When that happens, the “what ifs” are quick to get into our head. As in, “What if I try to plant my garden and fail?”

It’s a valid concern (unless I am the only person who worries), especially when you’re new to gardening. But I’m inspired when I watch barebones’ president and founder (and my father), Robert Workman, introduce beginners to the tricks of the trade.



Robert has been gardening since he can remember. He caught the gardening bug with his Grandpa Emmet in Lovell, Wyoming when he was little. (To read more about this story read “Robert Workman Catches the Bug”) Robert continued gardening with his wife at their first apartment, and later, when he acquired a HUGE garden at Tifie Ranch. I have many memories of Robert teaching me about gardening early on in my life, too, and it’s a tradition that has continued on with his other children and grandchildren.Phoenix

These days, I think Robert’s love for gardening has been ranked a little lower, as more grandkids have come into his life. He is a proud grandpa of at least 15 (Robert and his wife, Ange, have welcomed friends and strangers into their family, and therefore “adopt” more grandchildren, so the number keeps growing), but he still makes time for his backyard passion.


Robert has received help from his little grandkids this year. In just a few minutes of instructions from his grandpa, little Steven (8) was able to transplant a whole flat of greens into the greenhouse – all by himself. Phoenix (6), who is a very spirited and energetic child, was very helpful in tilling the dirt and digging holes for plants. Even two-year-old Silas was loving his small jobs around the garden.


Watching my nephews experience the art, passion and importance of gardening reminds me that it’s not rocket science. And it just goes to show that there’s no age or ability level required when it comes to the “sport” of gardening. Sometimes, you just want to play in the dirt and have a good time! And that’s the example I need to take as I fumble my way through the garden.

Happy digging!