Press Release: Bareones Sends Shelter Kit To Phillippines

PhilippinesBarebones and Goal Zero Send 65 Shelter Kits Along With Relief Team

April 16, 2014–In coordination with LDS Charities, Goal Zero and Barebones sent 65 self-sustaining shelter kits to displaced families in the Tacloban and Ormac regions. They will also be providing sustainable power to a school in Ormac. All relief items are scheduled to reach Manila on May 22nd. There is a donation program set up on for any who are interested in supporting this Humanitarian relief effort.

A major focus of this relief effort is to offset electricity costs and offer families an alternative power source. Each self-sustaining shelter kit will provide for families of 5-6 with durable shelter as well as sustainable power to give families some of the basic living essentials. Families will also be set up with raised beds to add much needed food security. The full details of each kit include:

45 of the shelters will be distributed to a barangay (village) in Ormoc and the other 20 will go to Tacloban. The sustainable power package for the school in Ormoc is focused on maintaining and boosting the accessibility of education for the community. This package will include:

  • 2 batteries – Yeti 1250
  • 2 solar panels – 200 watts each
  • 12 LED Lights

Barebones and Goal Zero will be sending out a full team of professionals on May 30th to help with transportation, installation, and project management. Team members will maintain accountability and insure that the humanitarian goals are met. They will also be instructing committee members on proper care and maintenance in order to insure project sustainability.

With Goal Zero combining its strengths in portable solar power energy with Barebones outdoor durability, the two innovative companies hope to help families re-establish themselves in their respective communities.


At Barebones, we believe discovering what is on the inside requires getting outside.


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