Press Release: Community Farm Support

Community farm

Tifie Humanitarian, Goal Zero and Barebones Living combine efforts in support of new farmers in the community

Layton, UT-February 18, 2014-TIFIE Humanitarian, Goal Zero and Barebones Living teamed up to assist The Green Urban Lunch Box with an urban farm project in Layton, Utah.  Together, the team is supporting local farmers by providing tools, education and on-the-ground care of harvest vegetables and fruit.

The farm consists of 37 acres and over 400 fruit trees that were once privately owned and then left abandoned for years. The Urban Lunch Box took initiative and worked with UDOT to lease out parcels of land to hard working individuals interested in becoming farmers. The lease comes with a community farm membership which includes access to a tool library, monthly educational classes to help new farmers, access to water, and discounted organic fertilizer.

The goal of this project is to make affordable land and crops available to those who have a passion for farming. After harvest farmers are requested to give back a portion of their produce to their favorite relief organization. By food donations and helping farmers from start to finish, is how the Green Urban Lunch Box plans on giving back to the community.

TIFIE, Goal Zero, and Barebones kicked off the project with 9 of their own employees helping install of solar panels and lights for the property. Employees from these respective organizations will continue to donate their time and services twice a month to help farmers throughout the growing season.

For those interested donating or becoming members of the community farm, email inquiries to


At Barebones, we believe discovering what is on the inside requires getting outside.


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