Press Release: Philippines Humanitarian Relief



Bluffdale, UT- January 19, 2014 – Typhoon victims in the Philippines are receiving modern age power and durable shelters as Barebones joins Goal Zero to provide the Filipino people with structures kitted with a light package. There is a donation program set up on for any who are interested in supporting this Humanitarian relief effort.

Barebones founder, Robert Workman is no stranger to the humanitarian environment, with several humanitarian trips under his belt. Through his experiences, he identified the essentials that every human being should have. This led to the development of Barebones, which addresses the root of these needs by providing sustainable garden products and top-of-line shelters.

Robert Workman’s proactive approach to humanitarian work is contagious. His motto is, “if not you­–who? If not now–when?”

Alongside humanitarian work, Barebones is equally involved in enhancing traditional outdoor recreation and gardening for Americans. Barebones Outdoors offers quality outdoor products that provide a vintage, comfortable camping experience, and their durable tools give gardeners the upper-edge in cultivating. These products include the 120 square foot Safari Tent, sturdy raised grow beds, and state-of-the-art Terra Greenhouses.

Their sister company, Goal Zero, is the leader in portable sustainable solar technology. Both companies seek to provide sustainability not only in humanitarian work, but in outdoor recreation and gardening as well.


At Barebones, we believe discovering what is on the inside requires getting outside.


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