ThermoWorks Outbrain Project

We wrote an article to be used with the platform Outbrain. The goal of this was to get more exposure and increase online sales. The article was posted on the ThermoWorks blog.

Campaign Details:

We ran the campaign for about 14 days. Each day I would go in and set the CPC (Cost Per Click) to try and figure out the best price to set. If the price was set too low, we wouldn’t always get as many clicks. If it was set too high, same thing.

In Outbrain you can set up different images and titles to test against each other. Here are the different ones I tested.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 2.37.13 PM


Total Impressions: 628,893
Total Clicks: 515

Performance for each title and image:
Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.19.51 PM

We had 515 clicks and spent about $160 total on this campaign. That averages to .31 cents per click. That is not a terrible cost per click if you were to compare it to what you might bid on google. The sites that our article was being shown on were also relevant to our industry (Epicurious, Eater,,  Real Simple, and were the top five).

Our click through rate was .08%, which is on the lower side according to a typical campaign run through Outbrain (this is according to their data).


We saw zero conversion from this campaign, which was disappointing.

We decided we needed to analyze the content again and figure out how to tweak it in order to increase click through rate, and hopefully, see conversion if we ran another campaign. Outbrain suggested several ways to improve content like not using the word “You” in the title, or how the use of “negative” words (like worst and never) actually get a better click through rate than positive words (like always and best).










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