ThermoWorks Pinterest

I assisted with Pinterest at the earlier part of my internship. From the middle of May to the middle of July, ThermoWorks got 43 new followers. I was also able to boost overall engagement and viewers by repinning content and uploading original content. None of the original content we put up was using rich pins and had no promotion behind it, so it was all organic.

ThermoWorks had a lot of great content on our site, but we needed to create pins that were visually native to the platform. You will see below some of the images I created.

We did see an increase in engagement during the three months I was managing it, and all was organic!

Average Daily Impressions

May – 882
June – 952
July  – 1,214

Average Daily Clicks

May – 5
June – 7
July – 10

Average Monthly Viewers

May – 34,554
June – 34,050
July – 50,580

Average Monthly Engaged

May – 469
June – 579
July – 890

Top Performing Post That I Created

16 repins, 2,190 Impressions and 36 clicks (This was in a 3 week period)


Other Creatives Developed:

Easy Roasted Chicken Using 2 Ingredients – 1 repin

Beginners Guide To Homebrewing – 3 repins

Why Grinding Your Meat Makes A Better Burger – 6 repins

Juicy Memorial Day Burgers – 2 repins

Pickled French Fries With Smoked Apple Sauce – 2 repins






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