Trade Shows

I coordinated trade shows for Barebones Living. My tasks included:

  • Registering for event
  • Managing contracts
  • Setting up checklists
  • Organizing Itinerary and travel
  • Organizing booth assets and shipment
  • Coordinating sales collateral
  • Attendance
  • Post show marketing: organizing leads for sales team

The events themselves ranged from small to large. I wanted to highlight one I did when I held the marketing manager position.

Outdoor Retailer Winter 2014

I helped design the booth display with an agency and coworkers

The Outdoor Retailer show is one of the biggest outdoor industry trade shows in Utah. They have two shows each year; summer and winter.

We had previously attended three other OR shows, but this one would have an entirely new set up than previous shows.


There was a lot to get done before the show. We had printed a catalog earlier in 2013, but it was already out-dated. I had to get a lot of new product shots coordinated to create catalog inserts. Aside from that we had to create a PR kit to hand out as needed.

We were also adding some new features to our booth. We were going to create a wood wall and display vintage looking camping and outdoor gear. On the opposite side of the wood wall we printed a large branded graphic that would help our booth get noticed as well.

We also wanted to have memorable swag this year. We came up with the idea of creating patches to try and instigate some two-way communication and grow our social media. We also created fun t-shirts to give away.

As the show got closer I helped coordinate all logistics for our booth. I helped gather props and product.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.08.17 PM

During Show

I was the point of contact for any marketing or public relations related questions. Since our company was so small I was also very busy keeping the booth clean and making sure potential customers were being helped.

We had at least one big hit with a local journalist who interviewed our president.

Our booth also had many of people stop by purely because it was warm and inviting. Many people commented on that.

Post Show

Measuring the full success of this show was a little difficult as I left the company not too long after. But we did see an increase in followers on our social media channels. We had a few people send emails of photos of their patch. In general there was an increase of hits to our website as well.



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